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Archinet held a seminar last November 4, 2015, entitled Transcend: Preparation for Architectural Design Competitions. The event featured Arch. Afable, from Casas + Architects, and Arkisens, winner of Bluprint's 5th Annual Visionary Competition, who inspired students to showcase their talents and compete locally and internationally through architectural design competitions.


Novus: Beyond the Borders of Architecture is a seminar dedicated to other fields and professions related to Architecture such as Interior, Industrial, Fashion, and Furniture design. The organization aims to present these by featuring world-class and renowned award-winning professionals in the different fields of design. With this, the event aims to help students expand their knowledge beyond Architecture, further equipping them with skills and ideas necessary in design.

Cross Over

To aid the students in expanding their boundaries as they get to be familiarized with different learning opportunities outside the country. To share knowledgeable experiences about working and studying abroad to explore the limitless boundaries of Architecture.

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