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We bring to you an experience like no other as we present to you events where we can learn and experience activities that enhances our knowledge and understanding of Architecture as a discipline. Take part in learning specializations in the field of the Built Environment and Urban Development as well as Landscaping. Learn to express your ideas in an exchange forum with respected and renowned architects and professionals locally and abroad!

We are a group of creative and innovative individuals passionate for the field of Architecture. We create visions. We build connections. We inspire. Welcome to the world of Architecture. Welcome to Archinet.

Who we are

UST Architecture Network (ARCHINET) is an organization of intelligent and creative individuals that are bounded by a common objective towards the establishment of good relations among architectural schools and the promotion of Architecture as a noble art and science.


ARCHINET is a recognized student organization of the Royal and Pontifical University of Santo Tomas based in the College of Architecture that is dedicated towards architectural professionalism and global competitiveness, promoting camaraderie and familiarity among architecture students and professionals from various nations. We focus on bridging and expanding the network of individuals to local and international schools as well as renowned experts in the field of architecture.


ARCHINET envisions itself as an interactive, virtuous, and service-oriented global community of architecture students, that would respect, cultivate and bring growth to their varied skills and abilities by holding an annual international jamboree, inviting students and professionals from all around the world to share, learn and build an architectural network.